“Suva” – Hello! Who we are

Tilouna Accessories

Tilouna// Leather Goods & Accessories made by traditional women from Maasai Mara. Tilouna strives to help women by empowering women and changing the communities.

“The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.” Charles Malik

My Story

Having worked in various locations within Kenya’s national game reserves, I have always been a jack-of all trades, whose passion was mainly centered on traditional Masai jewlwery. I love “home-made” wares so decided to ventrue to a nearby village in the heart of the Masai Mara to elicit the help of the community women to start a project which would change their lives forever.

And thus ‘The Tilouna Project” was born. Started less than a year ago, the Tilouna Project is a passionate initiative which is focused on empowering and enabling woman to make a difference in their lives; financially, emotionally and creatively.

The project, which was created in the small community of Endonyo Rinka, started with only 30 women whose humble offices were under an Acacia tree. The project has now grown and has created jobs for over 50 women who design, create and execute their own jewellery, belts, shoes and leather bags. With training and encouragement, the Tilouna women are now creating every single item they sell. They have learnt about colour combinations, the basics of sewing, product development, and quality control all of which have made them into their own boss.

Anne-Marie Muchura
owner, creator, curator